Public Auction

Saturday September 3rd at 10 am

Located at 76 Auction Lane, Vanceburg, KY  41179.  State Rt 9 Midway between Ashland KY and Maysville KY.

We will be selling  The Jack Gilbert 40 + year collection.  This will be the first of several auctions with a wide variety of Gas and Oil, Soda Pop, Signage, Advertising, Brewing, NASCAR, Stoneware, Antique Furniture and Much More.

Collector Cars:

Titled 1965 Shelby Cobra Recreation Built by Superformance with 427 Stroker, 5 Speed, with Convertible Top, pewter and vintage burgundy. Only 1,453 Miles (Rebuilt Title).
1969 Ford XL GT 4 Speed Convertible 1 of 50 Made, Bucket Seats, Running
1966 Honda Dream, Ran when parked approximately 20 years ago.


Antique and Vintage 

Early Catseye Stop Sign 4 x 12
13 1/2 Royal Crown Cola Embossed Thermometer
Camel Embossed Thermometer
Round Canada Dry Thermometer
NOS 1964 Service City  Maysville
Pee Gee Paint
Private Property
Fuller Hand Tool Rack
Bear Sand Paper Rack
Drink Royal Crown Thermometer
Queen Lodging
Dr. G R Queen Local
Parking For Employees Only
Mail Pouch Thermometer
Royal Crown Thermometer
Bear Wheel Alignment Service
Quaker State Oil Round Thermometer
Large Coca Cola Fishtail
1955 Kurfees Pants NOS
Enjoy RC Thermometer
Rare Millbrook Bread Door Push
Texaco No Smoking
Gulf Porcelain Pump Plate
NOS Drink Orange Crush Made With Real Oranges
No Smoking Please
The Fresher Refresher Royal Crown
Serve Nehi Ice Cold
Royal Crown Cola Red and White
RC Open and Closed
Porcelain Goodyear Belts and Hoses
Large Porcelain Goodyear Tires
Rare Red Top Beer Cincinnati 
Hard to Find 5' 8" Royal Crown Cola Bottle
60" Remington Vertical Tires
Monarch Tires
Marlboro With Cowboy
Royal Crown Cola
NOS Chesterfield Cigarettes Best For You
Enjoy Royal Crown Cola Chalkboard
Marlboro Cigarettes With Horse Riding Cowboy
Diamond Edge Tools Love's Hardware Vanceburg, KY
38 x 52 inch Royal Crown Cola Embossed with Courtesy Panel
45 x 52 inch Embossed Royal Crown Cola
20" Coca Cola Button 1990
24 x 12 inch Coca Cola Fishtail
Cast Iron Whites Only Public Swimming Pool
Embossed 22 x 16 inch Royal Crown Cola Better Taste Calls For RC
Early Camel Cigarette Flange
Large National Refining Thermometer
Royal Crown Thermometer The Fresher Refresher
Royal Crown Flange Best by Taste Test
Porcelain Mail Pouch Thermometer
Camel Lights Cig Pack Wall Hanger
Camel Ashtray
92 x 60 inch DSP Ashland Sign with Pole and Lights
72 inch DSP Texaco Sign Dated 1955
66 inch Gulf Dealer DSP
72 x 31 inch DSP Postal Telegraph in Frame, Local
46 x 9.3 Come In We Sell Cigarettes
Smoke Kool with Chilly Willy The Penguin
Red and White SSP Feeds Sign
58 x 18 inch DSP Goodrich Silvertowns
DST Marlboro
Round Texaco Thermometer



Motorcraft Clock
Royal Crown Cola
GM Collision
Nascar Budweiser
Geoff Bodine Clock
Marlboro Pack
Winchester Merit
Early Burger Beer Cincinnati
Local Osman's Pharmacy Rexall
Ideal Dairy 
2 Ford Cobra Neon Clocks
2 Ford Mustang Neon Clocks
1 Rg Ford Racing Neon Clock
Timberwolf Neon
Light Beer Neon
Marlboro Neon

Neon and Other Lighted Signs

Corona Neon
St Pauli Girl Neon
Lite Beer Neon with Cowboy Boot and Star
Camel Neon
Lighted Winston
Lighted Blatz
Lighted Lite Beer
Lighted Miller Genuine Draft
This Bud's for You
After the Hunt
Pall Mall
M P Boston
Little Kings It's So Good to Be Beer
Cappuccino / Espresso 
Black Label
Lite Beer
Miller Beer Lighted


Coin operated Cornelius Model 188852 Pepsi Cooler
Early 1920's Coca Cola Cooler Serve Yourself, Please Pay Clerk
Tate Lykins Shoe Store Advertisement
Clock Face Gas Pump
2 Traffic Lights
STP Rack
Folding Chair with Porcelain Piedmont Advertisement
A C Spark Plug Rack
Winston Camel and Salem Cigarette Rack
Several Tire Ashtrays to include Dayton, BF Goodrich, Slivertowns, Goodyear, and Firestone
Approximately 30 Gas Cans to include Hightest, Orange Lubricants, Sunoco, Wolfshead, Valvoline, Allstate, Texaco, Richfield, Gulf, Shell, Mobile, Ford and Many More
Many Oil Related Tins
Several Tobacco Tins
Atlas Turn Signal Display
Anco Wiper Display
Texaco Gas Pump Globe
Zippo Lighter Case and some Lighters
Several Tire Display Holder to Include Goodyear, Firestone, Kelly, Michelin and More
Several Boxes of Metal and Cardboard Quart Oil Cans
Several Oil Can Pourers and Small Oilers
Gas Pump Plate
Several Service Station Thermos
GE Bulbs Metal Carrier
Antique Glass oil Bottles and Spouts
3 Gas Pump Nozzles
Metal Coca Cola Lunch Cooler
2 Metal 7 Up Coolers
Metal Pepsi Cola Lunch Cooler
Snack Master Lunch Cooler
Several Coca Cola Wooden Crates and Bottles
Metal Coke Carriers
Metal RC Cola Carrier
2 Coca Cola Hanging Lights
1950 Royal Crown Calendar
1948 Champion Counter-top Advertisement
1937 Cities Services Football Guide
Corbys Whiskey Counter-top Display
Local Funeral Fans
Wood Boxes to include Dupont Dynamite, Peters Shot Shells, Walten Bales, Red Rock, Islays, and more.
Cast PBR Boxes
Cast Blatz Waiter
Cast Blatz Man Waiter
Beer Can Collection to Include National Bohemian Cone Top
Several Kerosine Cans Including 1 C/O Railroad 
11 Porcelain Service Station Lights
Early Spot Lights to Include IH 
1920's Chevrolet Tail Light
Approximately 30 Lanterns to include coach, barn, and Dietz Nightwatch,
1930's Airplane Hood Ornament
License Plate from the 1930's thru 1980's
Set of SS Chevrolet Hubcaps
Several BB Guns
Ford 1 cent Gumball Machine
1950's Gumball Machine
3 Glass Store Jars
Box of DC and Marvel Comic Books
Nishictin Coin Operated Pinball Machine
Toy Trucks to Include Metal Buddy L, Nylint, Tonka and More
Wyandotte Crane
Tom Thumb Cash Register and Typewriters
4 Gilbert Lab Sets, 2 Wooden, 2 Metal
3 Gilbert Tool Sets and More
Hundreds of NASCAR Collectibles to include Large Assortment of Cars. Trucks, Hats, Games, Telephones and More (Most New In Box)


Truly the best early 2 piece 16 Pane Cherry Corner Cabinet with half columns, 3 DR***** turned Legs
Most Unusual early walnut 3 piece cupboard with 16 pans and turned legs "Best I've Seen"
Super Oak 4 Stack 32 drawer file cabinet
Fancy Vict MT Dresser
3 Door Oak Book Case
Oak Flat Wall Cabinet
Clawfoot Hat Rack
Fancy Large Cap Brass Bed
3 Oak Lamp Tables, 1 with clawfoot, 
Oak Store Cash Register
3 Drawer Sewing Stand
2 Oak Wall Phones
Flat and Camel Back Trunks
2 Claw and Ball Piano Stools
Early Mahogany Inlaid Commode
Printers Trays
Piano Rolls and Much More


Approximately 150 Pieces, Crocks, Jugs, Water Coolers, Churns, and More.

More Signs:

Miller High Life
Ice House Real Serious Beer
2 Kodiak 
Signal Oil and Gas
Valvoline Key Center Rack
Genuine Chevrolet Parts
Round Valvoline
King Cobra Premium Malt
Round Valvoline Pennsylvania Motor Oils
Aspen Lodge
Bacardi Silver
Drewers Best Cold Beer in Town
Coors Ohio Hockey
Dr Hess Stock and Poultry
Drink Genuine Nehi here
General Store Arrow
The Sugar to Buy is You and I
NAPA  We install Quality NAPA Parts
Winston with Lumber Jack
Gulf Gas Pump Thermometer
Cougar Snuff
Stroh's Mirror
2 Stroh's Lighted Kegs
Lighted Blatz 
Mister Brau Lighted
It's A Southern Thing RC and Moon Pie
66 Shelby Cobra
It's Miller Time
Genuine Ford Parts Financed
Falls City Beer 100th Kentucky Derby
Winston America's Best Pricer
Hornsby's Draft Cool Cider
Old Style Lighted
3 Bill Elliot
Coca Cola Mirror
Round Coca Cola Thermometer
2 RC Bottle Caps
Chew and Smoke Mail Pouch
Oval Ford
Rolling Rock Thermometer
Texaco Thermometer
Royal Crown Cola
2 Mustangs
Mobile Gas Special
Budweiser American Ale Lighted
Bush Lighted Pool League
Canadian Club Whiskey Mirror
Stroh's Lighted
Lighted Budweiser Bottle
Lighted Bush Cold Beer Lighted
Christian Brothers Brandy
Miller High Life 6 Pack
Pitstop #9 Bill Elliot
Texaco Filling Station
Rolling Rock Bottle
Courvoisier Cognac
Coca Cola Curb Service
Camel Thermometer
Michelob PGA and many more

Pedal Cars:

Wagons, Tractors and Bikes. Vroom X15 Pedal Mach, Several Pedal Tractors, Columbia Pedal Car, Several 40’s and 50’s Pull Wagons, 40’s Stroller, 2 Wooden Bobsleds, Early Wood Sled, Goodyear by Columbia Highway Patrol Bicycle, Pal Super Tricycle, 2 Strawberry Shortcake Tricycles, Ross Convertible SOS Bike, Mobo the Horse, Pullcrand and Much More.

This will be a very diversified auction of primitives', antiques, and man-cave collectibles.  Must see to believe Items.  Representing the 1800's thru the 2000's.

Everything sold as is with no warranty.  Must be removed sale day to make room for setup of the next wave. 

Stacy Cooper Auctioneer, 606 375 0199
Jack Gilbert, Owner.  

Newly Added Photos

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